Adrenal Health by Dr. Joseph Collins, RN,ND
You will soon understand that your adrenal glands interact with various regulatory systems throughout your body. You will learn about herbs called adaptogens, and how to use them properly. You will also learn about other things you can do to maintain optimal adrenal health, and recovery from chronic fatigue and chronically poor health. It is all about helping your body adapt properly, by adapting towards greater health.
Your adrenal gland health plays an extremely important role in maintaining your general health, and specifically contributes to the optimal function of your other hormone producing tissues. While your adrenal glands have many actions, they can be summed up into two major categories. First, your adrenal glands produce a specific amount of very important hormones on a daily bases to promote general health, and support the processes involved in homeostasis (which will be discussed below). Second, and as important, your adrenal glands can dramatically and quickly change the amount of those important hormones to protect you from the consequences of trauma, burns, infection or other severe events as part of processes called allostasis (discussed below). This dramatic change is coordinated by regulatory systems that affect adrenal function.
The changes in adrenal gland function affect many more regulatory systems, so that the total response to stress ultimately affects at least a dozen different regulatory systems involved in homeostasis and allostasis. Homeostasis and allostasis will be discussed in the following short articles.The following articles will also discuss, in detail, the dynamic role that your adrenal glands play in keeping all of your body systems properly balanced, while also assisting your body in responding to the demands of both acute and chronic stress.
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