Adrenal Health
by Joseph Collins, RN,ND
Adrenal Fatigue, Homeostasis, and Adaptogens
Your adrenal glands play an extremely important role in maintaining general health, and also contribute to the optimal function of your other hormone producing tissues. While your adrenal glands have many actions, they can be summed up into two major categories. First, your adrenal glands produce a specific amount of very important hormones on a daily bases to promote general health, and support the processes involved in homeostasis (which will be discussed below). Second, and as important, your adrenal glands can dramatically and quickly change the amount of those important hormones to protect you from the consequences of trauma, burns, infection or other severe stress events as part of processes called allostasis (discussed below). This dramatic change is coordinated by regulatory specific systems that affect adrenal function. These changes then affect… (Adrenal Fatigue, Homeostasis, and Adaptogens)
Adrenal Protocol
This protocol will guide you through the processes that will help you recover from adrenal fatigue and restore homeostasis to the various regulatory systems that are imbalanced when adrenal fatigue occurs. To fully understand some of the concept discussed in this protocol, please see the article; Adrenal Fatigue, Homeostasis, and Adaptogens.
The symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue and loss of homeostasis can vary significantly from person to person based upon which of the regulatory systems is imbalanced and stuck in out of homeostasis, and the severity of the imbalance. The HPA and SAS are commonly out of balance in patients suffering from fatigue and difficulty thinking clearly. Imbalance of other regulatory systems can result in increased inflammation and pain, blood sugar disorders, fluid retention, appetite changes, weight gain or weight loss, and sexual dysfunction.,…(Adrenal Health Protocol)

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