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My wife and I created Your Hormones, Inc. to increase awareness of how hormone health can be dramatically improved with natural therapies including nutritional and herbal therapies. Our goal is to empower you to achieve optimal hormone health. In 2005, I created the phytocrine™ model of endocrine therapy, which is based on years of clinical experience, and validated by extensive review of published international scientific/medical research. That model was used to develop the Hormone Specific Formulations, a suite of natural supplements that were created to avoid the one-size-fits-all dogma that had even infiltrated natural medicine.

Your Hormones provides insights on how practitioners and patients can work together to achieve truly personalized hormone healthcare. The protocols we share are designed to be personalized. Truly personalized healthcare does not come without significant work and commitment on the part of both the healthcare professional and the patient. Learn more about this unique approach to Hormone Health.

Best wishes,
Joseph J. Collins, RN, ND

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