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Hormones Work Together by Joseph J Collins, RN, ND

While it is important to focus on the primary hormone imbalance (such as thyroid, or adrenal, or testosterone, progesterone or estrogen), it is equally important to also support the secondary hormones imbalances that also exist. In fact, the more you study hormones, the more you realize that one hormone can dramatically affect the function of other hormones.

Hormones affect other hormones. Your adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, and sex hormones have complex interrelationships with each other. The adrenal gland is typically also stressed whenever thyroid hormones, estrogens, progesterone or testosterone are not working properly. Thyroid problems always affect adrenal gland health, and usually cause problems with estrogens, progesterone or testosterone. Likewise, estrogen, progesterone or testosterone problems usually cause thyroid and adrenal problems. So, herbal formulations designed for the primary hormone imbalance must also protect and support other hormones. 

Herbs affect your hormones. Plant therapies (phytotherapies) can have a direct affect on both the gland and tissues that make hormones, and on the organs and tissues that respond to hormones. The ability of plants to affect both endocrine and non-endocrine tissues is one of the fundamental trues recognized in the phytocrine model of therapy. While specific herbal combinations are very affective for restoring proper adrenal function, they must also supports thyroid and sex hormones, or at least not prevent sex hormones from being properly produced. For example, while some formulations routinely use licorice to treat chronic adrenal fatigue, it is important to note that licorice inhibits testosterone production, an important sex hormone in both men and women, especially if used for more than 3 to 4 weeks. Licorice can also affect the function of aldosterone, a hormone that affects electrolyte balance. In my experience & opinion licorice should only be used for brief periods and under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. The quick fix that licorice provides (by raising cortisol) may not be worth the decreased testosterone levels and abnormal aldosterone function. That is just one example of many that need to be kept in mind while making choices to achieve complete hormone health, and to avoid causing other hormonal imbalances.

Use Hormone-Specific Formulations. While “one-size-fits-all” herbal combinations may offer some temporary relief, they often fall short of addressing the primary hormone imbalance that is the chief cause of the problem. The ultimate goal is to improve, repair or mend the primary hormone dysfunction. Our bodies are designed to self-heal or self-mend. When phytotherapies are used properly, they not only give relief of symptoms, but also repair or mend the cause of the imbalance. The Hormone Specific Formulations can actually mend the cause of the imbalance so that the full dosage of the formulation can be cut back to a very low maintenance dosage. AdrenoMend, ThyroMend, EstroMend and ProgestoMend, as well as TestoGain, TestoQuench for Men and TestoQuench for Women are all designed to “mend” the imbalance, and then be weaned down to maintenance dosages. (The testosterone specific formulation was named TestoGain  because both men and women "gain" testosterone function so well!) For more information read more about each of the Hormone Specific Formulations

Support secondary hormones. The hormonal imbalance or dysfunction that is causing the most symptoms is the primary focus of Hormone Specific Formulations. So, AdrenoMend primarily supports adrenal function, ThyroMend primarily supports thyroid function, TestoGain primarily supports testosterone function, EstroMend primarily supports estrogen function, and ProgestoMend primarily supports progesterone function, while TestoQuench for Men primarily quenches and controls excessive testosterone function in men and supports prostate health, while TestoQuench for Women primarily quenches and controls excessive testosterone function in women quenches and controls excessive testosterone function and supports normal function of estrogen and progesterone in women .

In addition, each of those formulations is also designed to support secondary hormones. For example, while AdrenoMend primary improves adrenal gland function, it also supports thyroid and sex hormones. This secondary support of thyroid and sex hormones is required because adrenal fatigue and other adrenal dysfunctions are always accompanied by some degree of both thyroid and gonadal dysfunction. The Hormone Specific Formulations have each been specifically designed to significantly improve the function of the primary hormone for which the formulation was designed, while also improving secondary hormone problems. 

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