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2 Month Supply at 2 Capsules a Day

TestoGain™ increases stamina, strength, sexual function, mood motivation and drive by increasing natural testosterone production in both males and females. The herbs also improve testosterone function and prevent testosterone resistance.

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Take the Questionnaire to determine which product you may need for your hormone imbalance. Additional information: Protocol Library

A Hormone Specific™ Formulation developed by Joseph J Collins, RN, ND, based on his Phytocrine™ model of phytotherapeutics for hormone health.

California Proposition 65 Warning:
⚠️WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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4 Reviews

Ashley 26th Jul 2019

TestoGain and EstraMend

After taking the test, I ordered the EstraMend and TestoGain. I have to say that taking them together has greatly improved my strength and stamina, my outlook on life at age 54, and minimized my hot flashes almost 90%. Unbelievable. Estroven helped some but these two additional supplements truly lifted me up so that I actually feel younger and more put together now. I have referred friends to your website in hopes that they, too, will find relief. Thank you, Dr. Collins!

Kyle 9th Apr 2016


TestoGain in combination with Estroquench has made a dramatic difference for me. My doctor, after running extensive blood tests, recommended that I take these two products. They have contributed to renewed energy, a loss of 15 lbs (from 230 to 215) in roughly 6 weeks and significant reduction of my 'man-boobs'.

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