Each Hormone Specific™ Formulation works synergistically with the entire endocrine system and other Hormone Specific™ Formulations. 

Hormone Specific Formulation Synergy by Joseph J. Collins, RN, ND

What is Synergy?
If we look at the tradition of every culture that has used herbal medicine, we will notice that combinations of herbs have been used for treating diseases and reducing suffering. These combinations require that the health practitioner understand the process of synergy.
Synergy comes from the ancient Greek word synergos συνεργός, meaning “working together”. But Synergy means more than just “working together” synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. It is this total effect being greater than the sum of the individual herbs that makes synergistic herbal combinations so important.

The Synergy of Specific Hormone Specific Formulations™
Synergy first requires an experiential understanding of the dose-effect relationship of each herb alone (the safe and effective dosage for each individual herb). Next, it is best to be aware of the mechanism of action of each herb.
These mechanisms of action can then be analyzed in relationship to the physiological processes that are being targeted.
For example, there are seven specific actions involved in the production and actions of thyroid hormones. A combination of herbs that promotes improved function of each of those individual actions can dramatically increase total thyroid function. There is detailed description of those actions can be studied at Phytotherapeutic Support of Thyroid Function. It is the synergy between each of the individual herbs in ThyroMend™ that makes it such a successful formulation for hypothyroidism and low thyroid function.
Other Hormone Specific Formulations™ that were designed to provide synergistic effect on specific hormones include: ThyroMend™ to support thyroid function, TestoGain™ to support testosterone function, EstroMend to support estrogen function, ProgestoMend to support progesterone function and AdrenoMend to support function of the adrenal gland and its hormones.
Their actions may be due to phytohormone actions, hormonogenic actions, functional mimetic of hormone actions or any combination of those phytotherapeutic actions. To learn more about the action of herbs on hormones, please see Phytotherapeutic Management of Endocrine Dysfunction.
The Hormone Specific Formulations™ that were designed to control excessive androgen function include; TestoQuench for Men & TestoQuench for Women. Their actions are due to anti-androgenic actions, as well as prostate support for the male formulation and mild estrogen/progesterone support for the female formulation.

The Synergy between Different Hormone Specific Formulations™
When it is very clear that someone has a specific hormone imbalance, such as low thyroid function, it is of course important to focus on that primary hormone imbalance. But is reality, any hormone imbalance will affect other hormones. Thyroid problems always affect adrenal gland health, and usually cause problems with estrogens, progesterone or testosterone. The adrenal, thyroid & sex hormones work together and maintain optimal health when they work synergistically.
Endocrine Complete™ is clearly the most synergistic of the all the formulations in that it was developed to support the entire endocrine system. AdrenoMend™ is also very synergistic because in addition to supporting every part of the adrenal gland, it also supports the entire endocrine system.
Each of the formulations that support estrogen, progesterone and testosterone function (EstroMend™, ProgestoMend™ & TestoGain™) contain herbs that also provide some support of the adrenal glands. ThyroMend™ has herbs that provide gentle adrenal support. Even EstroQuench™ provides some gentle adrenal support. EstroMend™ has herbs that also support thyroid function. The TestoQuench™ formulations each have herbs that support adrenal health by helping to calm over-excited adrenal activity.
So, even though the Hormone Specific Formulations™ are “Hormone Specific™”, they also have synergistic properties that help support the body as a whole.
Another synergistic property that is common to all of the Hormone Specific Formulations™ is that every formulation has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a natural benefit of using certain herbs. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory synergy that exists throughout the product suite is important because oxidative stress and inflammation are problems that are common in every hormone imbalance.
Even when the thyroid imbalance is very obvious as the primary hormone imbalance, the other hormones are being affected as well. For example, since there is always some degree of adrenal stress with hypothyroid function, a number of the herbs in ThyroMend™ also support adrenal gland health. 
So, while each of the Hormone Specific Formulations™ were designed to address a primary hormone imbalance, they were each also designed to provide some secondary support of other hormones.

This is accomplished by making sure that the Hormone Specific Formulations™ were designed to work in synergy with each other formulation.

Example: Synergistic Support of Adrenal Function
AdrenoMend™ is the primary adrenal support formulation, and it was developed to support the adrenal glands as well as every other system that is affected by stress. Since every hormone dysfunction results in increased stress to the body, and decreased ability to adapt to stress, all of the additional Hormone Specific Formulations™ provide some mild, secondary support of the adrenal glands. Many of the other formulations also provide some stress calming actions that help calm down excessive responses to stress.
AdrenoMend™ may be used with:

ThyroMend™ also provides some adrenal support, with the thyroid support.
EstroMend™ also provides some gentle adrenal support and stress calming actions.
EstroQuench™ also provides some adrenal support and stress calming actions.
ProgestoMend™ also provides specific adrenal support and stress calming actions.
TestoGain™ also provides significant adrenal support and strengthening stress adaptation support.
*TestoQuench for Men™ also provides some adrenal support and stress calming actions.
*TestoQuench for Women™ also provides some adrenal support and stress calming actions.

* If either of the TestoQuench™ formulations is indicated, it is best to start the appropriate TestoQuench™ formulation first, in order to control the excessive testosterone and other androgens, then start the AdrenoMend™, or any of the other Hormone Specific Formulations™ as indicated.

For example, if a woman with PCOS also has low thyroid function she should start the TestoQuench for Women™ before starting ThyroMend™.

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