Compatibility of the Hormone Specific™ Formulations allows many formulations to be used together.

Compatibility of Hormone Specific™ Formulations by Joseph J. Collins, RN, ND
Even though the formulations are very synergistic in their interactions, there are a few cases in which they are not compatible to work together for accomplishing specific goals.

As would be expected, TestoGain™ is not compatible with either of the TestoQuench™ formulas. TestoGain™ contains herbs that can stimulate the production of testosterone by the gonads (testes in men, and ovaries in women), so it is not ideal to use TestoGain™ if the goal is to lower testosterone with a TestoQuench™ formulation. TestoQuench™ for Men can effectively lower testosterone levels in men and decrease the conversion of testosterone to the more potent dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If a man wants to use TestoQuench™ for Men to quickly and temporarily lower his testosterone & DHT while he is on a prostate health program, the TestoGain™ should not be used. Similarly, if a woman wants to use TestoQuench™ for Women to decrease testosterone & DHT as part of a PCOS or PCO-like syndrome program, the she does not want to use TestoGain™ at the same time.

TestoQuench™ for Women is not compatible for men when TestoQuench™ for Men is indicated. The TestoQuench™ for Men also helps promote estrogen detoxification, which provides additional prostate protection (estrogens increase prostate hyperplasia). TestoQuench™ for Women provides some support of estrogen production, which is not good for the prostate.

TestoQuench™ for Men is not compatible for women when TestoQuench™ for Women is indicated. The TestoQuench™ for Women also helps promote estrogen production, which provides additional anti-androgen support and estrogen support for women with PCOS or PCO-Like Syndrome. TestoQuench™ for Men promote estrogen detoxification to lower estrogen, which is not good for women with PCOS or PCO-Like Syndrome.

If a TestoQuench™ formulation is indicated, it is best to start the TestoQuench™ formulation first, in order to control the excessive testosterone and other androgens, then start the AdrenoMend™ and other formulations as indicated.

Beyond that, the Hormone Specific Formulations™ are highly compatible and synergistic with each other.

Of interest, EstroMend™ and EstroQuench™ can be used together. Women may use EstroQuench™ to decrease estrogen production while also taking EstroMend™ to decrease the symptoms of low estrogen. EstroMend™ relieves low estrogen symptoms such as hot flashes, night seats, vaginal dryness, mood changes, etc. without raising estrogen levels.

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