Learn how to address Low Testosterone Premenstrual Symptoms

Low Testosterone Premenstrual Symptoms
Testosterone and other androgens may be lower as a woman ages due to reduced ovarian production and aged-related decline in adrenal androgen synthesis. This relative androgen deficiency in women may result in decreased sexual function, libido, sense of well-being and energy and may also contribute to reduced cognitive functions. Though low testosterone is usually considered to occur in women over 40 years of age younger women may also have lower testosterone for a number of reasons, including premenstrual syndrome. The following list shows other premenstrual symptom that often occur with relative androgen deficiency in women:
Signs of Premenstrual Deficiency of Testosterone and Other Androgens

Decreased libido
Depression with social isolation
Fainting spells or lightheaded
Heart palpitations
Increased appetite
Crave sweets
Crave salt

If these symptoms appear only during the premenstrual cycle, then TestoGain™ can be taken during the last half of the menstrual cycle to decrease premenstrual symptoms of low testosterone. Normally, testosterone levels spike during the midcyle, when estradiol spikes, and are higher during the luteal, premenstrual phase. If the testosterone levels do not increase, then premenstrual testosterone deficiency symptoms will be experienced.
However, if these symptoms occur throughout the entire month, and not just during the premenstrual period, then there may be a deficiency of testosterone throughout the entire monthly cycle. If there is low testosterone throughout the entire cycle, a woman will experience the primary symptoms of low testosterone such as decreased sexual function, libido, sense of well-being and energy and reduced cognitive functions the entire month. In those cases, women take TestoGain™ each day of the month.

Just as low testosterone may occur at any age, there could also be low estrogen during the premenstrual period. If low estrogen levels are causing premenstrual symptoms or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, it may be best to take appropriate steps to treat the low estrogen premenstrual symptoms.