Learn about Men's Blood Sugar HealthBlood Sugar Health for Men
by Dr Joseph J Collins, RN, ND

This article is part of the Blood Sugar Health Educational Module

 Men with blood sugar disorders can use GlucoQuench™ to (1) support glucose function, (2) support insulin function, (3) support lipid health, (4) support healthy weight, and (5) support vascular health. The herbs in GlucoQuench™ can support these functions by addressing the specific physiological functions required to achieve each of the five therapeutic goals to restore blood sugar health.

In addition to supporting the specific functions of the glucose-insulin-system, men also have gender specific needs based on the need to support testosterone function, and in many men, an additional need to decrease excessive estradiol activity.

Men & Insulin Resistance

In men, the age associated decline in androgens such as testosterone and DHEA is significantly associated with insulin resistance. Therapeutic interventions to raise testosterone or DHEA have proven beneficial in improving insulin resistance conditions and overcoming hyperglycemia. Insulin resistance in men is also associated with a relative excess of estradiol, in which the testosterone to estradiol ratio is lower. A growing body of evidence reveals that just as low estrogen and high testosterone increase risk for insulin resistance in woman, low testosterone levels and high estradiol levels increase the risk for insulin resistance in men.

Support Testosterone Function in Men: Dropping levels of testosterone and other androgens in men bring about decreased sensitivity to insulin, resulting in the progressive onset of insulin resistance. Supporting testosterone function should especially be considered when there are other signs of testosterone deficiency such as decreased sexual activity, decreased muscle mass, increased fatigue, reduced body hair, increased upper and central body fat, hair on ears and nose, circulation problems, sleep disturbances, memory problems, decreased interest in sex, depression, anxiety, agitation, irritability and a decreased sense of well-being.
TestoGain™ can increase endogenous production of testosterone in men and also improve testosterone function in men so that there will be better control of blood sugar health. TestoGain™ can also cause a significant improvement in libido, including desire, arousal, response, orgasm & satiety, including herbals which increase nitric oxide synthase, interact directly with androgen receptors, and enhance dopamine and GABA function – all important for optimal sexual function. Improved function of testosterone in men can be effective in overcoming insulin resistance.

Control Excessive Estrogen Activity in Men: As men age there is increased risk of having too much estrogen, especially if a man has 20 pounds or more of excess body fat. This increased estrogen not only interferes with testosterone function, which puts the man at risk for andropause, it also increases risk of insulin resistance and potentially diabetes.
EstroQuench™ can be used to reduce estrogens levels by inhibiting aromatase activity, which will decrease the conversion of testosterone and other androgens into estradiol and other estrogens.
The Estrogen Metabolism Diet lists common dietary choices than a man can make to promote the healthy breakdown of excessive estrogen and its elimination from his body. This is an important lifestyle change that can decrease risk of many conditions associated with excessive estrogen in men.

Support Thyroid Function in Men: Suboptimal thyroid function is strongly associated with insulin resistance and diabetes, and should especially be considered a possibility when there is diabetes or other blood sugar disorders in the family. ThyroMend™ is a unique combination of seaweeds and herbs synergistically supports all seven key functions associated with optimal thyroid health. Learn more about Thyroid Health.

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Men with blood sugar disorders can use GlucoQuench™ to (1) support glucose function, (2) support insulin function, (3) support lipid health, (4) support healthy weight, and (5) support vascular health.
In addition, there is often a need to support testosterone function with TestoGain™,  and in many men, an additional need to decrease excessive estrogen activity by using EstroQuench™.

Last Reviewed & Updated: 07/24/2019