Webinars on Estrogen Dominance, Stress , Thyroid, PMS-PMDD, PCOS & Menopause,

Estrogen Dominance, Aromatase Inhibition and Preservation of Testosterone

This very important presentation introduces new information on “estrogen dominance”. You will learn the differences between estrogen dominance in women (in which there is a low progesterone to estradiol {P:E} ratio), and the estrogen dominance in men (the “original estrogen dominance”, in which there is a low testosterone to estradiol {T:E} ratio). You will also learn a significant amount of information about aromatase inhibitors – substances that prevent androgens like testosterone from being converted to estrogens like estradiol. You will learn the different ways in which pharmaceutical aromatase inhibitors work.

Most importantly, you will learn how your body makes its own aromatase inhibitors to protect itself from estrogen dominance, and how specific high food concentrates, and some herbs act as powerful natural aromatase inhibitors. 

In fact, some of the ingredients used in the aromatase inhibition formulation have been compared to prescription aromatase inhibitors in published studies. You will know how to stop estrogen dominance.

Published August, 2014

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Women's Health 

Women's Health - Personalized Care for PMS-PMDD, PCOS & Menopause

This is an advanced presentation that describes the common roles that estrogen deficiency, progesterone deficiency, testosterone deficiency play in the range of female health conditions including PMS-PMDD, PCOS & menopause. It also discusses how poor estrogen detoxification, androgen excess, adrenal dysfunction and thyroid hypofunction also play common roles in PMS-PMDD, PCOS & menopause. The variations of the menopause, from perimenopause through menopause and to postmenopause are discussed. The twelve (12) Menopause Types ® and the four (4) different forms that PMS may present are discussed. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid,adrenal hormones and other hormones are discussed. Published April 2013

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Adrenal Health

Adrenal Health, Stress Adaptation & Homeostasis

This is a very advanced clinician presentation with a comprehensive discussion of the multiple systems involved in fatigue disorders. Adrenal fatigue can affect both parts of the adrenal gland, changing both cortisol and adrenaline levels. In addition it affects other systems that are sensitive to stress. This includes the systems that regulate thyroid function, sex hormones, neurotransmitters, blood sugar levels and the immune system. Other systems that are affected by adrenal fatigue include the systems that regulate blood pressure and liver detoxification, as well as the antioxidant systems in the body, and how your cells are able to listen to hormones, as well as the system that controls appetite and weight gain. Published on Jan 2013

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Thyroid Health  

Complete Thyroid Health

This an advanced and comprehensive presentation that describes video on thyroid health will guide you through the processes that will help you achieve optimal thyroid function. It can be used in the management of hypothyroidism as well as other conditions in which there is low thyroid function, such as subclinical hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone resistance, and reverse T3 elevation. Published on Feb 2013

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Men's Health

Male Hormone Health
This advanced presentation that provides complete information on low testosterone in men. 
After studying this webinar you will be familiar with the broad scope of testosterone properties, and the physiological affect on men's health, as well as its affect on primary and secondary male characteristics. You will understand primary and secondary hypogonadism, as well as the variant symptoms of low testosterone function. You will learn the best diagnostic tests to assess and monitor low testosterone problems, as well as other endocrine problems that can occur with low testosterone. 
You will become very familiar with the phytotherapies (herbal therapies) for low testosterone, the specific actions of each herb, and scientific references that show how each herb treat low testosterone 
Just as important, you will learn how other hormonal problems can occur with low testosterone such as low testosterone with adrenal fatigue, low testosterone with low thyroid, and low testosterone with blood sugar problems. Prostate disease is discussed briefly in this webinar. Published on Aug 2013
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