The Specific Actions of GlucoQuench™ Herbs
By Dr Joseph J Collins, ND, RN

This article is part of the Blood Sugar Health Educational Module
As discussed throughout the Blood Sugar Health Educational Module the specific Actions of GlucoQuench™ herbs can be grouped into five primary functions, which each have various mechanisms. For example: specific herbs in GlucoQuench™ can support glucose function by decreasing HbgA1c, decreasing fasting blood glucose, deceasing post-prandial glucose, inhibiting glucose absorption, decreasing gluconeogenesis and / or increasing glycogen synthesis.
GlucoQuench™ was formulated so that the specific action of the herbs that are used will address the five therapeutic goals to support blood sugar health. The chart on this page shows the specific actions of each herb used in GlucoQuench™. Through various mechanisms of actions, each herbs is able to fulfill each of the therapeutic goals, which include:
  • Supporting Blood Glucose Health
  • Supporting Insulin Health
  • Supporting Healthy Lipids
  • Supporting Healthy Weight
  • Supporting Vascular Health
As previously stated, no single herb can completely support complete production and every function of insulin, and no single herb can by itself completely normalize every mechanism involved in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. The individualized action that have been documented for each of the herbs is presented in the chart on this page.

Therapeutic goals to restore blood sugar health include the needs to support glucose function, support insulin function, support lipid health, support healthy weight, and support vascular health. Each of those therapeutic goals requires that specific physiological functions be addressed.
To learn more , please see the Professional Guide on the webpage About GlucoQuench™.
Reviewed & Updated: 07/22/2019