Inflammation & Your Hormones
While different hormone related problems may be due to problems with one of more hormones, systemic inflammation is a common affliction that is involved with every hormone related problem. This is due to the systemic nature of inflammation, and its ability to affect every part of the body. Systemic inflammation has been strongly implicated as a cause in a number of hormone and reproductive related conditions including Autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), diabetes (Type 1 & Type 2), fibrocystic breast disease, infertility (both male and female) as well as pelvic inflammatory disease and prostatitis. 

Systemic Inflammation
Inflammation is a complex biological process in which the body protects itself from foreign substances, such as bacteria, yeast, and viruses and some chemicals. Normal amounts of inflammation are required to protect the body, remove the injurious substance, and to initiate the healing process for the tissue. So, inflammation is actually part of the regenerative process. Without inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal and there would be progressive destruction of tissues. However, when inflammation is out of control, tissues throughout the body are at risk of being hurt by the inflammation. Generalized, out of control inflammation can affect any part of the body and interfere with the optimal health throughout the body including joints, muscles, heart, digestive system and even the brain. This generalized, out of control inflammation is referred to as systemic inflammation. When inflammation is out of control it can result in autoimmune diseases in which the body is attacked by the immune system. Autoimmune diseases are one of the worst complications of systemic inflammation and can result in debilitation conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) and Bechet’s disease. 

Controlling Systemic Inflammation
The most effective formulations to control systemic inflammation without suppression of the immune system are the Wobenzym® formulations, which were developed over 50 years ago. Clinical research from around the world has shown these formulations are effective in treating a number of conditions caused by inflammation. I have been using these formulations for over 20 years, and have evaluated all of the published research I could find on the formulations. Wobenzym® formulations work by using specific enzyme combination which are taken away from meals, so that they have a systemic effect on immune system function. Their use is described as “systemic enzyme therapy”. The research on treating systemic inflammation with Wobenzym® formulations for systemic enzyme therapy covers quite a number of conditions. Conditions researched include Alzheimer’s, angina, atherosclerosis, autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), Bechet’s disease, cancer, diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, eczema, fibrocystic breast, glomerulonephritis, gout, hepatitis, infertility, kidney stones, lymphedema, multiple sclerosis, myocardial infarction, osteoarthritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, prostatitis, psoriasis, pyelonephritis, respiratory tract infections, rheumatoid arthritis, sports medicine (trauma), tendonitis, thrombophlebitis, urinary tract infections and uveitis. By studying how these formulations have been used, and the physiological effects that they have on the body, I have been able to determine that these formulations can effectively be used in virtually any condition in which there is systemic inflammation, or immune suppression, immune imbalance, or any other immune disorder.

Download for FREE: Systemic Enzyme Therapy eBook
Based on an exhaustive review of the published literature, and decades of clinical experience, Systemic Enzyme Therapy- My Experience with Wobenzym Formulations, by Dr Joseph J Collins, Rn, ND is an eBook that shows how systemic enzyme therapy works, and how it has been used for over five decades. The science behind systemic enzyme therapy is revealed in easy to understand language, with original illustrations created by Dr Joseph J Collins, RN, ND. Based on an exhaustive review of the published literature, and decades of clinical experience, the eBook includes an extensive amount of references and summaries of research from around the world. Learn how systemic enzyme therapy works, and how it has been used for decades. The dosage guidelines in the eBook show how many tablets have been used to treat certain conditions, and how long the treatments were done is the researched cases. Once you learn the material in the eBook, you will become confident and proficient in managing a wide range conditions that are due to systemic inflammation.

Download for FREE: Dosage Guidelines for Wobenzym® Formulations. 
This is a detailed excerpt from the eBook, which shows very specific dosages that were used for specific conditions based on published international research. This PDF also  shows how to change dosages when switching between the different Wobenzym® formulations (Wobenzym® N, Wobenzym® PS, & Wobenzym® Plus).


FREEE EDUCATIONAL POSTERS Other resource for managing treating systemic inflammation with Wobenzym® formulations for systemic enzyme therapy include the following posters: Systemic Enzyme Support Poster is based on international research with the Wobenzym® N formulation. Systemic Enzyme Support Poster - Highlighting Hormone Health highlights the research on a number of hormone and reproductive health related conditions including diabetes and glucose disorders, thyroid disease, prostate disease, pelvic inflammation disease, and fibrocystic breast disease. Professional Strength Systemic Enzyme Support Poster is based on international research with the Wobenzym® PS and Wobenzym® Plus formulation. That poster includes additional information on andrology (men’s health) as a well as diabetes.


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Wobenzym® N is used to treat systemic inflammation conditionsWobenzym® Plus is used to treat systemic inflammation conditions


Wobenzym® PS is used to treat systemic inflammation conditions