Synergy of Herbs in EstroQuench™

The effectiveness of the EstroQuench™ formulation is due to the synergy that exists between each herb in this Hormone Specific™ Formulation. Collectively, the herbs used in the EstroQuench™ formulation decreases the conversion of androgens (testosterone and androstenedione) into estrogens (estradiol and estrone), and preserve androgen levels. As such, EstroQuench™ decreases estrogen production and reduces the risks associated with excessive estrogen and estrogen dominance. The following chart shows how the eleven plant or plant extracts used in EstroQuench™ work together synergistically to control estrogen dominance, protect breasts and prostate tissues while also providing anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic protection to tissues throughout the body. No single plant or plant extract is able to provide complete protection against estrogen dominance by itself. However, when the eleven plants and plant extracts in EstroQuench™ are properly formulated, their synergy is able to control estrogen dominance while allowing testosterone, DHEA and other androgens to still be produced and to function properly.

 Specific Actions of Herbs in EstroQuench™

Synergy comes from the Greek word synergos - συνεργός -  meaning “working together”.

The synergy of EstroQuench™ is because it is a Hormone Specific™ Formulation, designed to specifically address the symptoms associated with estrogen dominance. It is beneficial for both males and females with signs of estrogen dominance and/or lab tests which reveal estrogen dominance.



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