The effectiveness of the EstroMend™ formulation is due to the synergy that exists between each herb in this Hormone Specific Formulation™. These herbs include non-soy sources of isoflavones and additional herbs that have specific actions which mimic the action of estrogen. Collectively, the used in the EstroMend™ formulation decrease symptoms of estrogen deficiency without increasing estrogen levels.
As such, EstroMend™ restores estrogen function without the risks associated with estrogen replacement therapies. The following chart shows how the ten phytotherapeutic herbs in EstroMend™ work together synergistically to restore normal function of the tissues that respond to estrogen. No single herb or isoflavone is able to restore normal function to all of the tissues that depend upon estrogen function. However, when the ten herbs are properly formulated, their synergy is able to support normal function of all tissues that depend upon optimal estrogen function, in a safe, balanced fashion.

Specific Actions of Herbs in EstroMend™

Greek word synergos - συνεργόσ - meaning “working together”.

All of the herbs in EstroMend™ work together synergistically to address all the signs and symptoms associated with low estrogen function, while at the same time reducing the proliferative risks associated with hormone replacement therapy.
EstroMend™ includes a specific blend of non-soy phytoestrogens. Even though each of the herbs in EstroMend™ mimic one or more of the beneficial properties of estrogen, each of the herbs has been also documented as having antiproliferative properties in published scientific literature. No single herb is able to relieve all of the symptoms of low estrogen. No single herb can provide all the benefits of estrogen. EstroMend™ is a Hormone Specific Formulation™, designed to specifically address all the symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency or low function of estrogen.


Synergy of Herbs in EstroMend™  

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