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Wobenzym ® Plus

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Wobenzym ®Plus is a clinically researched formula is the most potent Wobenzym yet with its increased activity compared to Wobenzym N and the more convenient 4-tablet-a-day dose, which means fewer pills to consume than other Wobenzym formulations. Wobenzym Plus is offered in the form of entericcoated tablets and provides a specific formulation of proteolytic enzymes to the body to help maintain healthy joint function, optimal immune health, temporary relief of everyday aches, pains, and muscle soreness, and support of fast recovery following exertion. Mucos Pharma has been making Wobenzym in Germany since the 1960's. Mucos has been dedicated to clinical research over the past 50+ years and has conducted over 200 clinical trials on Wobenzym ®. No other health supplement brand can look back on such an illustrious scientific heritage.

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